Which Word is Different?  Choose the word that doesn’t belong in the group. This exercise is designed to help improve your vocabulary. To get the most of this practice exercise make sure to have paper and pencil. Write down the words you don’t know and practice using them in sentences.

Practice # 10 Odd-Word-Out

Doing practice tests will help you build your concentration levels and your instinct. More than that, practice will improve your English and help you with the timings you need to complete the test with the best result. If you would like to increase your APTIS score by practicing more APTIS tests […]

Practice for your Aptis Exam

How to be a gooder better writer with Grammarly. This  content may contain affiliate links Get It HERE! OR Learn More Below Congratulations!  You’ve just written the perfect essay. You spent hours writing. Creating a draft and making multiple revisions. You are certain that you have just written the best […]

How To Be A Better Writer With Grammarly.

Practice Speaking using these cards below      Words and  Phases to Use   At the top … I can see a man/ woman who looks as if … At the bottom … we can see a family … On the left side … On the right side … In the […]

More Speaking Practice

  Sample emails:   Formal Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to inform you of my package delivery experience. I ordered a gift for my friend and was looking to giving it to her. Unfortunately, when she received it, the gift was damaged. The company which made the product […]

Aptis Reading Part 2

How to ace the Aptis Reading Test: Part One   The Aptis reading exam has 4 parts: Informal Email, Sequencing, Gap-fill and Paragraph Heading. Each requires different skills but rely on your use of the English language. For general advice on reading without studying click here, but for now, let’s […]

Aptis Reading Tips: Part 1

[toc] Study English Without Studying Ask yourself – how do you study for lessons? Do you read over your notes? Do you go over practice questions? How effective are your methods? Can you concentrate on your study material for long periods? If your answer is not ideal, then you must […]

How To Study Without Studying

Adjectives: common and demonstrative Adverbs of frequency Comparatives and superlatives Going to How much/how many and very common uncountable nouns I’d like Imperatives (+/-) Intensifiers – very basic Modals: can/can’t/could/could n’t Past simple of “to be” Past Simple Possessive adjectives Possessive s Prepositions, common Prepositions of place Prepositions of time, […]

A1 Grammar Skills