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Here you can master your Reading skills in different ways.

Reading Training Room (Detail)

Reading Training Room (All Skills)

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APTIS English exam reading


How to ace the reading:

First, practice answering questions which test a variety of key English skills
Second, Complete the nonfiction reading sections
Next, Complete the gap-fill activties


– Check how much time you have to complete the activity
– Quickly scan the text to find the main topic of the reading passage
1) Identify the key (words) within the questions
2) Scan the reading passage for the words or synonyms do the words
3) read the entire sentence and the previous sentence if needed.
4) Choose the best answer
5) for main idea questions and paragraph heading questions, read the whole section of text and see which themes and words or repeated. These repeated words are likely to be the main idea.
6) For inference and logic questions, read each answer the see which is true according to the text. Eliminate the completely wrong answers and you will find that 2 answers are close in meaning. Read the text carefully to see which of these remaining answers are possible.