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English Exam Ninja was created by teachers for students looking for additional high-quality resources to practice for English examinations. In an effort to find a single source that met all of our students needs English Exam Ninja was created.

We wanted to create high-quality unique practice materials  and then organize them in a way that is easy and logical in accordance with a learners English level, exam type and skills need.

EEN’s site resources and materials  have been designed in alignment with the Common European Frame Work and provide a fun and easy format to make learning and practicing for any English examination easy.

Our external resourses are also selected on the basis of their: relevance , approach , ease of use, accuracy  and  appropriateness for a multicultural audiences

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

We are always striving to imporve your experience. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcomed as we strive to provide a reliable and up to date site content.

Please let us know how we can better serve you

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For support and questions contact us : Support@englishexamninja.com