Listening Practice

Welcome to the English Listening Practice Room!

Practice and refine your English listening skills using the free listening tests below: The levels range from CEFR levels A1 to C2.

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Listen to the passages and match the words to their correct synonyms.


Complete the sentences by listening to the passages.




To practice detailed information questions head over to the APTIS English Listening room

APTIS English exam listening practice

Ninja Tips on strategy

– Always read the question and then listen for the keywords
– For more complex tracks, try taking notes on important information such as key dates and names
– Try to listen only twice. However, if you are starting out, you may listen more times to get used to the speed of the listening track
– Don’t be hasty in answering the questions, listen to the track completely to get the full picture of what is being described. Then listen a second time to get a clearer picture of what was said or to confirm your answer.
– If you are struggling to focus on the listening, take a piece of paper and write notes on the WHAT, WHO, WHERE and WHEN of the listening. This should give you a better picture of what is being spoken about.
– Understand that unless directly mentioned, there is only one correct answer! Therefore, if two answers are close, one must be stronger than the other.
– In line with the TOEFL exam you may listen before reading the question, however, make sure that you take notes of important information within the listening.