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Welcome to English Exam Ninja Ielts,Aptis,Toefl,CEFR,English exam practice 2

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Aptis Reading component

Aptis Listening component

Aptis Speaking component

Aptis Writing component

Aptis Grammar component

Aptis Vocabulary & Grammar












Our site contains tons of free useful exercise to help you with your English exam study needs.

You will find practice materials on Reading, Listening, Grammar Vocabulary and tons more. Our aim is to help you ace any English Exam.

You will find practice exercise and information for the:  IELTS, Aptis, TOEFL, TOIEC. Cambridge: KET,PET,FCE,CAE,CPE.


All of our practice materials and exercises are geared toward meeting the criteria of CEFR. With the aim of improving your current skills.

welcome to english examninja,Ielts,Aptis,Toefl,CEFR,English exam practice


English Exam Ninjas

English Exam Ninjas are a group of highly trained master Exam assassins. We are always committed to succeeding no matter the odds. Focused on enhancing our skills and stopping evil exams from ruling the world.

Running the Ninja English Exam school of the east, we offer our knowledge to anyone seeking out the ancient knowledge of English Exam stealth and mastery. If you are willing to join in the fight.

EnglishExam Ninja Pledge ,Ielts,Aptis,Toefl,CEFR, English exam practice

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Cerf Level Placement Test A1-C2

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We are here to take the fear out of English Exams.

How? By turning you into an English Exam Ninja!

Because Ninjas deal with FEAR by giving it to others(Exams)

Learn the itelts,aptis and toefl exams like a ninja

Learn Like an English Exam Ninja is dedicated to helping you pass any and all English exams.