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Below you will find links to the Aptis reading practice exams, tips and other reading practice materials to help you succeed.

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EEN Reading

Part 1: Informal email task.

 You need to reply to an email using the correct format and grammar.

APTIS reading pt 1 informal email

Part 2: Sequencing

Here you must put events in the correct order.

APTIS reading lt 2 sequencing

Part 3: Gap-fill

In this part, you will be presented with a reading passage and you must complete it using the appropriate words. There will be more words than gaps, so you will need to understand the message of the passage as a whole.

Aptis Reading pt3 gapfill

Part 4:  Adding headings to each paragraph.

To complete this task you will need to understand the main idea or gist of each paragraph.

APTIS reading pt4 paragraph heading
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   Aptis Listening

The materials here were created by English Exam Ninja. While every effort has been made to simulate the real British Council Aptis exam accurately, please remember that these are practice materials.  Remember that before taking the Aptis exam or any other standardized examination you visit the official examination website for  full details and latest information.