More Speaking Practice

Practice Speaking using these cards below 



Words and  Phases to Use


At the top …

I can see a man/ woman who looks as if …

At the bottom …

we can see a family …

On the left side …

On the right side …

In the middle of the picture …

In the background, I can see …

In the foreground there is …

In the first photo, a girl is …

In the second photo, there are …

Both pictures are about

being a parent

They both have

Both pictures show a city where

there are people walking

These two pictures show people having fun

I think the common theme here is

In contrast, the people in the second picture look ______

On the other hand, this scene looks more modern

 Whereas in the second photo

two old people are …

While the girl seems to be

concentrating hard, the  people seem …

This one_____ but on the other hand that one _____

Neither of these

One of these

…, while the other …

She might be …….

Maybe the reason they look so serious is because …

Perhaps they are celebrating something special

looks as if she is chatting

He looks as if he is rich

They look as if they know each other

perhaps because she is _____

they seem to be relaxed and enjoying themselves

I think the girl might be talking to a friend

the old people are probably talking  about their grandchildren

or they could be talking about

She must be a film star

She can’t be going shopping

She might be


She could be famous

She must be at

the opening of a new film

She may be about 30

In the second picture, people seem more nervous because

life nowadays is more stressful

It’s hard to say, but I think

As far as I can see

It looks like a …

It must be

let me see

What I meant to say was …

I take that back

[to admit that something you said was wrong]

Personally, I

I’ve never thought about it, but I suppose …

I don’t really like

…, but I had to choose …

I think I’d like to stay at home rather than

go out

I think people prefer to watch TV rather than

read books

More people now prefer

to book their hotels via the Internet