How To Be A Better Writer With Grammarly.

How to be a gooder better writer with Grammarly.

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EEN Be A Better WriterCongratulations!  You’ve just written the perfect essay.

You spent hours writing. Creating a draft and making multiple revisions.

You are certain that you have just written the best essay of your life.

Except when you submit your final essay online and look back at the review screen and notice you typed a word twice. Your heart drops.   You are crushed.

I always admire those writing in English when it is not their first language. I have written in Hangeul and in Arabic and can barely write a complete sentence. It takes a lot of courage to write in a foreign language.  It takes courage to write in your own native language.

Heck, most native English speakers still struggle to write and they have been doing it since kindergarten.  

Learning to write better is never been easier with the invention of such new tools, and it is not necessary to have a teacher by your side correcting your every mistake.




Reality: Better Writing = Better Test Scores = More opportunities = Your Dreams

I know writing is hard, remembering grammar rules is torture but you have to make a decision to get better and do whatever it to get better.  I have students that say “Teacher it’s only a few mistakes” but a few mistakes can make a big difference in scoring an A2 vs B1.






You don’t have to feel so insecure or overwhelmed. Grammarly was created to help us. It’s a free/low-cost tool to help us all overcome the beast and all become Ninja Masters in writing.

Perfect your emails, essays, paragraphs and just about any type of writing you need to complete.

Good writing is good no matter the test IELTS, Aptis ,and Cambridge exams.


Common Mistakes to Avoid


Run-on Sentences or Comma splices

Pronoun errors: Using the wrong pronoun

Apostrophe Usage

Subject-Verb Agreement

Your /You’re  

They’re /There/ Their

Its/ It’s  



How to Use Grammarly

 Two ways to get Grammarly

  • Install the free extension into your browser and Grammarly will check your writing on most websites. (Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, etc.)


  • Once you are signed up and signed into Grammarly you can upload a document or copy and paste text directly into the Grammarly website to fix your mistakes.



Note: Grammarly Basic is free forever.


What can you do with it?

“Click to Correct” click on the underlined word to correct it within minutes.

You get an explanation to learn why something is incorrect.

You get suggestions on to make better choices.

You can tell it what kind of document you are writing.

It can check for plagiarism to keep you out of trouble.

Improve your vocabulary. It can give you vocabulary suggestions to improve your writing.


Key Features of Grammarly:


Better Writing Made Easy

Eliminating Errors

Improving Clarity and Meaning

Improve different types of Writing



Why should I get Grammarly?
  • You get a grammar teacher by your side at all times
  • Even native speakers use it.
  • You can use it to keep track frequent mistakes.


Grammarly doesn’t replace human eyes and sometimes words and phrases still may need to be check by a human if you are unsure. But it is still one of the best solutions I have seen to help improve your writing.

Just because Grammarly made a suggestion to change something doesn’t mean you should just blindly change it. Think about its context within your writing first.

Grammarly is software and may not be able to determine what you mean.

You still need to proofread.


Ninja Takeaways!
  • Use it when you don’t have anyone to proofread your writing, and use it to determine frequent mistakes.
  • It’s not perfect but it sure beats not having any help at all.


“If you can’t find a Ninja use Grammarly”

An English Exam Ninja