Aptis Survival Guide English Exam Ninja
[toc] Part 1: Basic personal information. Form Filling 3 minutes                                                                      Remember:    Your Name: First letter of your First and Last Name are written with a CAPITAL LETTER: John Doe ·        Months: are written with a CAPITAL LETTER: June, September ·        Languages: are written with a CAPITAL Letter: Arabic, Korean ·        Hobbies and Interests: should be related to the general […]

A Complete Guide To The Aptis Writing Exam

[toc] Part 1– Personal Information (Giving personal Information): You will be given 3 questions and you will  need to speak for 30 seconds for each question. Here are some examples of questions you might see in part 1 of the exam.    These questions should be easy to answer. Just relax used […]

A Complete Guide To The Aptis Speaking Exam Parts