Teacher’s guide

Learn Like an English Exam Ninja

This site has been created to cater to both instructors and students. The creators of this site personally use the materials during class time to enhance their students’ skills. Following feedback, they update and tweak tests to ensure they are as useful and productive as possible. Because of our dedication, we’ve outlined some guidelines for using this site in your classroom.


A great start would be to test the students’ CEFR levels. We have what you need right here. Once the students are tested, you can see what they need to focus on. On this site, you can complete the English skill components in any order, so students can sit the practice tests in any order. Therefore once a student’s weaknesses are found, you can direct them to the appropriate component.

When they are in, you can go through the test guidelines/blog posts to see the best way of answering correctly. Once they are clear on the points, they can get started. There is usually a time limit between 10 – 15 minutes to complete each Aptis English test. After this time, the test will time out and give the student a score. At the end, if the submitted answers are shown, the student’s mistakes can be explained to them. This is not the end, though!


The tests are completely randomized from pools as large as 150! Therefore, the student can keep practicing daily until they are accustomed to that specific Aptis English task. When they are ready, you can move to the next question type and repeat the process.

If you find a student continually gaining very low marks in the reading or listening components, send them to the training rooms. You’ll find them under the English skills tab. Here they can practice specific question types such as cloze exercises and detail questions. By breaking down the skills into individual tasks it is hoped they gain the fundamental elements to answering the main Aptis questions.

We wish you the best in your classes and hope to this tool will be as popular with your students as they are with ours.

For questions feel free to reach out to us via our Twitter or Facebook page. Or email the address below: Support@englishexamninja.com