Aptis Speaking Part 3

Ninja instructions: In each part, you can record your voice and listen to it. The purpose of this is for you to replay your recording and use the self-evaluation form to identify what you need to work on.


Ninja Tips  

When preparing for this part of the exam always:

Timed: Use a stopwatch or online timer to keep track of your time.

Voice Recorder: Practice speaking with an online voice recorder or mobile phone.

Our resource has been created with these things in mind but if they aren’t working try using:

Voice Recorders: Vacroo, Online voice recorder, CPU or mobile built-in recorder.

Timer: Online Stopwatch, Egg timer, mobile phone stopwatch

Aptis Speaking Part 4

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Part 3 (Describe Compare & Contrast) Speculate and Choose


3 questions. 45 seconds each.

Question One: Describe, Compare, and Contrast(see expressions from Part Two) . Question Two: Speculate about these two situations/pictures Question Three: Choose one of the images or situations


Question 1

Describing  two pictures: In the first picture, I can see… / In the other picture, there are/is…../ Looking at the (fist/second) picture I can see…/ Which may show…/ (They/He/She/) may be (verb+ing)..

Structures  and vocabulary for comparing and contrasting two photographs

Things in common: Both pictures show/have  /  I think they both are (in/on/of..) / There is/are(_____) in both pictures… /Similarly in the second picture, the first picture has…

Contrasting the pictures: There are several differences. / In the top picture is(____) whereas, in the bottom picture.. /In the picture on the right whereas , the picture on the left../ The picture of(___)is… / It looks like../ However, the picture of(___) looks like…/ They look like..

Highlighting  differences: The main difference between the pictures is…. / The main focus of the (first/top/L/R))picture is (_____)whereas.. /After looking at these images , the biggest difference is ….

Adding ideas: In addition… / What’s more…. / One more thing…

Example Answer:

 Both pictures show people at work. There are computers in both pictures. However, there are several important differences. In the top picture or the picture on the (L/R) the man looks quite stressed. I think she is probably a manager or a boss, whereas, in the bottom picture the man looks very relaxed. He probably works as an Artist or  in a museum . The woman might be preparing  for a deal or a stressful decision. However, the picture of the man looks like and nice peaceful environment,  but the woman looks like  her workplace is a crowded stressful place to work………..

Question 2

Structures and vocabulary for speculating and choosing

Speculating :

I imagine it would be….(adjective)/ I would find it… (adjective) / It might be nice to.. / I could see myself…./ Perhaps it would be / I suppose … /I guess it would be nice to..

Question 3

Choosing one image / situation : I would choose the top/ bottom situation/ image because…/ I think I’d  prefer to… (verb) because… / I think I’d prefer to (verb) because…..  /I would definitely choose to…. /  It would probably be better to… because…./ I doubt I would like to _____in picture (1/2) but I would prefer to)_____in picture (1/2)/ In my opinion (1/2) would be better. because..







The materials here were created by English Exam Ninja. While every effort has been made to simulate the real British Council Aptis exam accurately, please remember that these are practice materials.  Remember that before taking the Aptis exam or any other standardized examination you visit the official examination website for  full details and latest information.