Aptis Speaking Part 1

Ninja instructions: In each part, you can record your voice and listen to it. The purpose of this is for you to replay your recording and use the self-evaluation form to identify what you need to work on.

Ninja Tips  

When preparing for this part of the exam always:

Timed: Use a stopwatch or online timer to keep track of your time.

Voice Recorder: Practice speaking with an online voice recorder or mobile phone.

Our resource has been created with these things in mind but if they aren’t working try using:

Voice Recorders: Vacroo, Online voice recorder, CPU or mobile built-in recorder.

Timer: Online Stopwatch, Egg timer, mobile phone stopwatch


Aptis speaking task 2

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Part 1– Personal Information (Giving personal Information): You will be given 3 questions and you will  need to speak for 30 seconds for each question.

Here are some examples of questions you might see in part 1 of the exam.   Note-All questions in this part require information about you.

These questions should be easy to answer. Just relax used this as an opportunity to get used to talking to a computer!

Topics: Family, My Job, Weather, Likes and Dislikes, Daily Routine,Interest and Leisure,Holidays and Travel, Future Plans, Books, Films, Food, Health and Fitness, Media, Learning.

Examples of some questions might include:

  1. Please tell me about your family
  2. Please tell me about your hobbies.
  3. Please tell me about your work or studies.
  4. Please tell me about your favorite food.
  5. What do you like doing in your free time?
  6. What is the weather like today?
  7. What is your typical day like?
  8. What is the food like in your country?
  9. What is your village/ town/ city like?
  10. How do you like to spend your holidays and vacations?

Best Practices:

If you feel nervous: begin by repeating/ reading the question. ” What is your village,town or city like? It is …….

 If you need time to think, say:  Let me see…    or     Hmm.. I would probably say..

Always use a stopwatch or ,mobile phone to time your answers.

Try developing a structure to answer these types of questions: This will help if you are struggling to fill up the time.

key to aptis speaking 1: Your focus should be on improving your vocabulary and reduce repetition, pauses, and nervousness.

Example of a typical answer:

Please tell me about your hobbies and interest?
(30 seconds)

I enjoy reading  books in my free time. I especially enjoy non-fiction books. I’m also interested in politics. I love watching debates on TV and trying to mimic the speakers.  I love  (verb + ing ) listening to K-pop music. I make time to play with my kids on the weekend, and when I can, I usually watch TV, in particular, the news. When I have the chance I make my own t-shirts and clothes on my old sewing machine. One of my other interests is camping . I prefer outdoor activities and spend a lot of time gardening. I’m growing cucumbers this year. 

Example of a speaking structure:

In my free time I like______________.

It is______________, because____________.

I also like to____________, and___________.

I think is fun_________, because_________.

(Conclusion)That’s why free time is important to me

Expanding on a topic.

When I am________________ , I feel___________.

I wish I could ______________ all day, and I even forget about everything else.

I enjoy doing____________ with  my friend (friends), because ________________.

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The materials here were created by English Exam Ninja. While every effort has been made to simulate the real British Council Aptis exam accurately, please remember that these are practice materials.  Remember that before taking the Aptis exam or any other standardized examination you visit the official examination website for  full details and latest information.