KET Practice

English Exam Ninja's KEY (KET) Practice 

General Informaiton 

English level: A2-B1 elementary/ low intermediate.
This exam is a beginner level exam and is the easiest of the Cambridge exams.


Who should take this test?
Beginner level English learners with a basic knowledge of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

What should you know about the KET ?
The test has three parts:

Reading & Writing – 70 minutes, 56 questions

Listening – 25 minutes

Speaking – 8-10 minutes

Other Information 

The KET  has two versions. The KET and the KET for schools.  The only difference between the two versions is that the KET content consist of general topics and the KET for schools test has content of  aimed to school-age learners.


Each section of the test counts for 25% of your score.

You will get a summary report of your results.                                                                                 When you complete the exam you will receive a certificate.                                                             Examples of passing marks: (B1= Distinction)  (A2 = Merit)  (A2 = Pass)                      If you don’t pass and still do well you will receive an A1 certificate


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For more information and updates  on taking the exam head over to Cambridge’s official website.